Powershell on Linux

If you aren’t living under a rock, you might have read that Microsoft have open sourced Powershell. It now works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. But what is the true benefit of this?

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Backup of photos – iOS and Android

I have recently started backing up my photos to Google Photos and iCloud Photos. It works really well. So when I take a picture it automatically gets uploaded to both services. I have also considered using Flickr, but I haven’t decided on that yet. I will not be using Microsoft OneDrive because their storage plans are expensive compared to Google, iCloud and Flickr. I don’t really understand their decision behind their tiers. I have 200GB on iCloud and 100GB on Google Photos and if I choose to upload to Flickr I get 1TB. I can also get 1TB on OneDrive, but I have to buy an Office 365 plan. Their OneDrive plans without Office 365 offers only 5GB and 50GB. Why not 100GB or something larger like 200 – 500?

Sometimes I just don’t get Microsoft :)

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Netflix started blocking VPN’s – and how to circumvent it

Well, this day was inevitable to come. It was something that was announced months ago by Netflix and they came through. I’ve used StrongVPN for several years to watch Netflix US, but it didn’t work any more. I even tried to change endpoint to no avail. So what did I do? :) Continue reading

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Playing around with Ansible on AWS

I have spent a couple of weeks using Ansible with AWS. I got an email during a late evening about a need for a new server immidiatly. I replied very quickly and promised them to set one up in an hour. I did it in 45 minutes. The customer was happy and so was I.
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SSL-certificate on my domain

Now I’ve gotten an SSL-certificate on my domain. Its really really awesome.

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AWS Re:Invent 2015

I went to AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. It was an awesome trip and a really cool conference.
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Zombie Days at work

Yes, you’ve actually read it correctly. We’re having Zombie Days at work next week. It means that we’re going to spend two days (48 hours) at work, designing, coding and deploying an app that can be used by children in schools move their zombie character around on a screen to indicate what they’re doing. If they are going to sit in front of the computer, they will simply go to the screen and then move their zombie to the computerroom. If they go outside to the playground they will move their zombie to the playground. When the parents come get their kid, they can see what he or she has been up to. If the kid has spent all his time in the computerroom, then I’ll guess the parents will ask the kid why he wasn’t outside but stayed inside all the time :)

So me and a couple of coworkers are going to spend so many hours together, that we’ll be on first name basis. Just kidding, we are already on first name basis. I’m bringing in my xbox360 to play Battlefield 3 sometimes when I get tired or when I need to get away from the coding and deployments.

zombie days 2

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IRC… again – this time on Freenode

I’ve started to use IRC again. I hang around on Freenode and I’ve joined 15 channels that correlate with my job and my interest.
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‘1776’ by David McCullough

I’m currently in my ‘American Revolution’ phase for some reason. For the past several months I have been reading about the American Civil War but my interest has shifted me towards The Revolutionary War instead and I find this particular time in American history pretty interesting.
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Using port 587 on Amazon SES with Postfix

If you’re an avid Amazon Web Service user, you figure some stuff out along the way. One thing I got a complaint about was throtling of port 25 when using Amazon SES. If you have an EC2-instance that hosts an Postfix-server as a relay with Amazon SES on port 25, you’re emails are getting throttled. I don’t know why, but this can easily be fixed by using port 587 with Amazon SES. I had a hard time finding a solution but here it is for Ubuntu 14.04 (x86_64) and Postfix.
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